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Like most Cape Town suburbs the original land was a farm.  It belonged to Hendrik Van der Poll who was married to Johanna Jacomina Kirsten, who died childless.  When Van der Poll died he left his farm to Johanna Jacomina Kirsten’s brother and when her brother produced a son he named him after his benefactor and called him Hendrik van der Poll Kirsten.

There are numerous wetlands that make up greenbelts that have walk-ways that keep Kirstenhof a pretty green neighbourhood.


Kirstenhof is often identified by older Capetonians as the the suburb whewre you turned at Spotty Dog to go to the Sea Breeze Drive-In. Today the old drive-in site is the retirement village of Cle du Cap.


Kirstenhof is also home to the largest shopping centre in the Southern Suburbs and South Peninsula called the Blue Route. There are also a number of smaller shopping centres in the area and at least 30 restaurants excluding those in the Blue Route Centre that are within the suburb or Lakeside / Westlake and Tokai which border Kirstenhof in the South and North respectively.

Westlake is a popular golf courses that borders Kirstenhof.

False Bay’s coastal delights are a five minute drive and the ‘vlei’ is really in walking distance.

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  • May 20, 2015 at 12:32 pm

    Hi there, I’m looking for a property to buy in Kirstenhof in the range of R1.5m to R1.9m. I’m interested in anything that needs a complete makeover/renovation but nothing near main roads/motorway.


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