October 2014 Statistics

kirstenhof aerialOctober again shows no signs of anything other than a Sellers Market. Kirstenhof properties in all price brackets are being sold like ‘hot cakes’ providing they are not overpriced. Only two houses were registered in the deeds office in October totaling a mere R3,850,000. However about 8 houses have been sold during the month although not registered yet.
Of the two that Bruce Haywood of Chas Everitt sold totaling R4,250,000 there were multiple offers on both from very keen buyers. One house in the Mountain View Village ‘pocket’ sold for its full asking price of R2,900,000 in one day!
A word of caution to Sellers however, Buyers are very well informed and will rarely pay more than the perceived value after independent research on websites that they have access to. Therefore Sellers can optimize their asking prices ‘within reason’ because of sheer demand, but should take the advice of their chosen Estate Agent not to ask an unrealistically high price as the house is likely to be on the market for a long time!
Source S.A.P.T.G

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