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Kirstenhof man raises funds for ailing dog

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Daryn Sutton has launched a BackaBuddy campaign for the ailing boxer. Kerneelz, who is owned by Greta Wilson, of Lakeside, has paresis, which causes partial paralysis of the hind limbs, and idiopathic vestibular disease, a balance disorder.

Mr Sutton, who started losing his hearing from a young age and his sight in his early 40s, says he can sympathise with Kerneelz.

“I met Kerneelz’s owner, Greta, six years ago at a guide-dogs fund-raiser with her partially deaf rescue boxer. We embarked upon endless nature adventures, which we still do from time to time.

“With his recent partial paralysis and vestibular disease diagnoses, Kerneelz’s mobility is compromised, and with his also being stone deaf and partially blind, it’s safe to say that Kerneelz has my sympathies.

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