Update on Elli | Pellet Gun Incident

A couple living in Raapkraal Cresent, Kirstenhof noticed that their 3 year old cat’s front left leg was limp so rushed her to the emergency vet on the 26 January. They then found out that someone has shot their cat, Elli, with a pellet gun and shattered the leg.


After surgery She was given a massage like a princess and then given anti-inflammatories.   Her entire paw is now bandaged causing her a great deal of discomfort (before her paw stuck out). The vet has compressed her entire paw to ensure more stability. That combined with the cone and the cage has her very unhappy. She has cried a lot but her owners are managing her pain with morphine, anti-inflammatories and antibiotics. Ellie is to see the surgeon tomorrow for more x-rays. Provided there is no infection and the rays are positive, the next big hurdle is in 6 – 8 weeks where they decide on amputation. She is a brave trooper and calms down as soon as she gets a head stroke.


NOTE FROM KCW: If you have any information regarding the person/s involved, please reply to this e-mail. It is illegal to shoot pellet guns in suburban areas. The pellets used in this attack could do serious damage to anyone and especially small children.

One thought on “Update on Elli | Pellet Gun Incident

  • February 4, 2015 at 11:29 am

    I hope to Go* you find the culprits. This is so barbaric!!! Pure evil. Hope someone comes forward with information. .
    So happy kitty is alive and safe now.


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