Leopard Toad Season

Leopard+Toad+CrossingAugust is Leopard Toad migration month, where the toads leave the safety of our gardens and migrate to their breeding pools along the water bodies of the greenbelts to mate and lay eggs, then embark on the treacherous journey back to their homes.

Most of the migration occurs between dusk and dawn, so please be very careful when traveling along the roads at night, and check driveways and under car tyres for toads before leaving home in the morning.

You will see KirMiTS volunteers along the roads at night, in reflective vests and with torches and buckets, helping to provide safe passage to the toads and photographing and sexing them as they go, so adding to a valuable database which has been built up over the years.

Please do adjust your speed, dim your bright’s (we depend on our night sight) and don’t panic if you see torches trained on your front gardens!

Warm rainy nights generally signal the most movement, so exercise extra caution then.

Injured toads should be placed in a clean (sterile) tupperware with ventilation and either taken to the wildlife unit at SPCA (or contact Michelle and she will collect and get them to medical help)

For more information or to join as a volunteer (many of our volunteers are youngsters, and it’s a wonderful way for parents and kids to get involved in both nature and their community), please contact:

Susan Wishart: (083)441-4740
Michelle du Toit: (082)780-3955

Original Source: Kirstenhof Crime Watch

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